• 03.10.2018. - 03.11.2018.

    Post-media structures

    Iva Ćurić, Paulina Jazvić, Igor Juran, Predrag Todorović

    Curator: Vanja Babić

    "During its decades-long prevalence, the modernist epoch systematically and theoretically disputed – with an outspoken self-awareness – most of the entrenched tendencies in art, i.e., canons, in order to assert progress as the ultimate creative paradigm. The principle of mimesis was the first one to be dismantled, then abstraction challenged figurative representation, and finally, the stratification of the media took hold. The traditional media of painting and sculpture, and classical graphic techniques were declared retrograde, even artistically ineffectual, in comparison to the burgeoning new phenomena like conceptual art, video and performance. This was, of course, not unsubstantiated. However, at the end of the 1970s, the modernist focus would dissipate, giving way to the “omnivorous”, programmatically apathetic, and hence, hard to define postmodernism, also in the sense of lacking any kind of an exact and concise definition. The action was watered down and acquired the characteristics of a condition. Did postmodernism emerge just as a kind of a cancerous form of modernist ideas, or can it be seen as a conservative reaction to those ideas?


  • 15.09.2016. - 01.10.2016.

    The Day My Internet Art Paid Off

    Željko Badurina, Maja Čule, Hrvoje Hiršl, Dina Karadžić, Tea Stražičić, Igor Štromajer

    Curated by Irena Borić, Martina Kontošić, Renata Šparada

    The Day My Internet Art Paid Off! is an exhibition featuring works by Željko Badurina, Maja Čule, Hrvoje Hiršl, Dina Karadžić, Tea Stražičić and Igor Štromajer, all of which touch upon different economic aspects dictated by new relations online. Tabs, procrastination, self-promotion, collaboration, spam, comment sections, shares, likes – these are all fragments, be it material or digital, of circulating data. On the web, the circulation performed by numerous users gives value and power to the circulated information. Therefore, internet economies do not only allude to typical digital financial transfer protocols, but are also based, to a large extent, on generating symbolic capital, i.e., values. Bearing in mind the context of the web as a corporate and supervised medium, the exhibition brings to the forefront the artist's reactionary role in relation to the economic models developed on the 2.0 web.


  • 15.03.2013. - 12.04.2013.

    aBook [artist's book]

    Artists: Zvonimir Balog, Vlasta Delimar, Braco Dimitrijević, Fokus Grupa, Gorgona, Vladimir Gudac,Tina Gverović, Sanja Iveković, Luka Kedžo, Neva Kiš, Darko Kolibaš, Antun B. Kolumbić,Katalin Ladik, Branko Maleš, Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos, Sanja Marčetić, Vlado Martek,Dalibor Martinis, Slavko Matković, Dražen Mazur, Ivan Jelinčić Merlin, Miron Milić, BojanMucko, Martin Peranović, Jelena Perišić, Ivana Pipal, Barbara Radelja, Sven Razum,Mladen Stilinović, Josip Stošić, Tea Stražičić, Jaroslav Supek, Balint Szombathy, MarkoTadić, Stipan Tadić, Miroljub Todorović, Goran Trbuljak, Mario Udženija, Milko Valent,Borben Vladović i Franci Zagoričnik.

    Curators: participants of the Curator's Platform, mentored by Ana Kovačić, assisted by Mateja Kuka.

    Participants of this year's Curator's platform conducted a research of a very interesting andactual field . They were divided into six different groups which were dealing with: definitionof artist's book, historical development, visual poetry, contemporary artist's book anddesigner - curator based collaboration. Through numerous examples the exhibition will show the results of their research.
    There are many different definitions of what an artist's book is and many different ways inwhich it can take form. What makes the artist's book a specific medium when comparedto other forms of artistic expression is the fact that one can hold it, read it, touch it andconsequently the artist can achieve an intimate relationship with the audience. The artistsperceive it as a space they can fill and in doing so, transfer their ideas, attitudes, intimatereflections or speak out loud about topics they are interested in.