• 18.11.2016. - 17.12.2016.

    Aleksandar Bezinović / Katarina Vojković

    Solo exhibitions by Aleksandar Bezinović and Katarina Vojković is the last one of the exhibitions with which, this year, we present young artists related to Velika Gorica and its surroundings. About the works presented at the exhibition art historians Rozana Vojvoda and Petra Petrušić writes:

    Creation and dissolution, construction and deconstruction, appearing and disappearing; all of these pairs of antonyms can be applied to Aleksandar Bezinović’s work created within the last two years. Through procedures which include lighting on fire, scraping, a profuse use of adhesive materials, even the intentionally induced corrosion of metal plates, the author additionally emphasizes the already unsteady relationship between the foundation, the figurative motif, words and colour. Reconstruction, as the central theme of this exhibition, becomes an applicable and, at the same time, relative creative principle – everything can somehow be reconstructed when technology and a creative principle are in line: a palm tree or even the human body