• 03.10.2003. - 25.10.2003.

    (Re:)sources: New Media and Young Croatian artists

    By presenting 19 young artists from the academies in Split and Zagreb, the exhibition wanted to show the
    relationship between new media, artistic education and young artists in Croatia. Since technological innovations became easily available and since the IT culture of computers and the Internet fundamentally changed everyday life, the exhibition tried to show in what way these fast changes are taking place in the field of art.

    The curators Željka Himbele and Klaudio Štefančić decided to exhibit the works of young artists, who are more open to new artistic paradigms. The majority of the works presented belong to the medium of video-art and it is therefore easy to conclude that the implementation of computer technology and internet culture in Croatian art education is imminent.

    The participating artists were: Maris Cilić, Goran Čaće, Zrinka Budimlija, Mile Modic, Vanja Činić, Matija
    Debeljuh, Jelena Nazor, Marija Prusina, Dunja Sablić, Jelena Bračun, Goran Škofić, Ana Hušman, Maja RožmanKarmen Dugeč, Lala Raščić, Mario Mišković, Bruno Razum, Ana Šerić, Galeb Vekić i Ivana Runjić.

    The exhibition was supported by: the city of Velika Gorica, the Ministry of Culture of Croatia, the Royal Netherlands Embassy and Filip Trade d.o.o.