graphic art

  • 03.03.2017. - 08.04.2017.


    Bartłomiej Pilarczyk | Clàudia Giralt / A cAt | Daniel Vasconcelos | Domenico Dom Barra | Gábor Hufnágel | Ivan Klis & Damir Prizmić | Joana Chicau | Kaspar Ravel | Leandro Estrella | LiL PDF | Maja Kalogera | Mark Klink | Michaela Lakova | Slobodan Tomić | stAllio! (Benjamin Berg) | Tomasz Sulej | Uğur Engin Deniz | Vedran Gligo

    The exhibition shows the source of recent new media and free culture oriented art featuring the work of 18 Croatian and international artists. The program, based on a collaborative effort and an inclusive community format - aims to create a knowledge distribution platform, transcending limits of individual disciplines and fusing them into a discourse enabled by open, free talks, presentations and media arts workshops uncovering layers of multimedia, hypermedia, technoperformance and generative art practices.

    During the exhibition’s one month long iteration, and via sections of a complementary discursive program, we will inquire on the diverse origins and tactics of artistic practices based on digital narratives and collaborative methods.

    Curators: Format C


  • 26.01.2017. - 13.02.2017.

    free_art_-_source: OPEN CALL [< 2017/February/13]

    The second iteration of free_art_-_source exhibition is open to new media art authors’ (artists, coders, clever copycats) worldwide submissions for an exhibition initiated by Format C artist organization.

    The theme is our source, constructing the rhizomatic context of computer-based new media art and culture.
    We are looking for the source code of your art, scripts that make up the features of your art or the textual representation of the data your art is built out of.

    That could include: html, scripts, any media printable text format, any programming language snippets,.. No formal limitations other than it being character printable, it should have an aesthetic property (visual and/or ideological) and it should be shown in full.

    It can be completely original; compiled from other sources; utterly unoriginal but aesthetically progressive; completely horrific but make up a curious work; a brilliant haiku-type code that does wonders for your project; something highly fringe or discursive; something free; something stolen; etc. …

    The objective of the expo is to show diverse technological syntaxes, philosophical approaches and artistic inte/*rve*/ntions in the construction of recent new media art.

    Apply here, by attaching the subjects listed below :

    - source code of artwork/project in a .txt, .doc or .rtf file {A3 / B&W / MAX. 5 pages / any font size + font file [if (special)]}

     - a photograph and/or a screencap of the visual presentation (result) of the work the code composes/compiles (min 1080px on the shorter side)

     - short description (technical) + link to the work

    - web or profile and a short (on-topic) biography

    Please use only text formats to submit your work.

    The code/work file will be hardcopied and used for RL exhibition purposes only, and the provided image(s) - photographs and/or a documentative screencap of the media work, along with credits and links will be utilized to publicly promote your work.

    ! The deadline for participating in the open call is Feb 13th 2017, 23:59 CET, and the exhibition is to be held in March 2017.

    ///  free_art_-_* : A series of discursive events on the subject of diverse ideologies and individual practices of authors creating in the domain of free (libre) digital-based art.

    ///  Format C : a non-profit artist organization based in Croatia, active in the field of visual and multimedia art.

    //   free_art_-_source exhibition program is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Velika Gorica.



  • 03.06.2016. - 02.07.2016.

    Ljubomir Stahov, "From Nature"

    Ljubomir Stahov's world stands out from the contemporary Croatian art corpus as an articulated visual arts oeuvre which exists by and for itself, away from any trends, tendencies and without belonging to any particular group or movement. However, if we were to insist on finding spiritual and stylistic similitudes, we would find them in Ordan Petlevski's primordial, fossil and organic forms, a unique personal world of “organic micro-figuration” (Zdenko Rus), as well as in Biserka Baretić’s oeuvre which also embraces the concept of susceptible matter, a spirit trapped within material confounds of the body, accompanied by frequent references to mythical symbols and archetypes like Icarus, Orpheus, Pegasus, the Gorgons and Janus.


  • 30.04.2004. - 16.05.2004.

    Viktor Popović

    Viktor Popović (1972) studied painting at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1996. He teaches at the Art Academy in Split. The works exhibited at Galženica were made after the artist's return from New York. It is a series of photographs of New York printed on matted lead plates so that the original loses most of its iconic potential (color, clarity, intensity). A red partial cube has been drawn over the printed image by hand. The clash of different forms of image representation (photograph and drawing) in fact quotes modernist artistic aporias, leaving them unresolved.

    Viktor Popović has been exhibiting his work since 1996 and won the Grand Prix at the 8th triennal of Croatian sculpture in 2003.


  • 28.01.2004. - 15.02.2004.

    Vitold Košir

    Vitold Košir (1966) studied sculpture at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, and viola at the Zagreb Academy of
    Music. In Galženica he displayed his graphics, printed from mechanically processed iron plates and later on
    exposed to the influence of atmospheric occurrences which changed the surface structure of the plates. The
    result of these changes becomes visible even when they are printed on graphical sheets. Printing only one
    sample in regular time intervals of one month records the passing of time.

    Vitold Košir has been exhibiting his work in Croatia and abroad since 1990. He has received two awards for
    his work: Purchase award at the first Croatian Treinnal of Graphics and Purchase award at the international
    exhibition "Eurofire In The Land of Liege" in Brussels.


  • 17.05.2002. - 01.06.2002.

    Tanja Dabo, Ivana Franke, Jasna Šikanja, Mirjana Vodopija, "Qua forma placebit, or as you like it”

    This group exhibition is conceived as a small overview of contemporary, non-academic graphic art in Croatia. The works of Tanja Dabo and Jasna Šikanja present one of the centres in the field of graphic art, the department of prints and drawings from Rijeka, and the works of Ivana Franke and Mirjana Vodopija present the second centre, i.e. the department for prints and drawings at the Academy of Fine Arts from Zagreb.

    All the exhibited works show special attention towards computer technology and its different kind of multiplying of the given matrixes.As artefacts in space, the works of these artists gain different shapes and genre characteristics: from photographic documentation in the works of Tanja Dabo and Jasna Šikanja to the ambiental installation in the works of Ivana Franke and Mirjana Vodopija.

    The curator of the exhibition is Margarita Sveštarov Šimat, senior curator at the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Zagreb. 

    Mirjana Vodopija graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1987. She won numerous awards including the Annual award of the Croatian Association of Artists for young artists (2000), the Award of the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art at the 2nd triennial of Croatian drawings (1999) and the first award at the 3rd international triennial of graphics in Prague.

    Ivana Franke graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1997. She exhibited her work in Croatia and abroad and also received numerous awards (the Award of the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art at the 1st triennial of graphics, the jury award at the festival Break 21 in Ljubljana, etc.).

    Tanja Dabo graduated at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Rijeka in 1997. She has exhibited her works from 1993, and is currently attending the postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.

    Jasna Šikanja works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. She exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She won numerous awards, including the Special jury award at the 1st Croatian triennial of graphics and the jury award at the Mediterranean biennale in Alexandria (Egypt).


  • 24.01.1984. - 11.02.1984.

    Graphic Art of Sweden

    "Švedska grafika"


  • 09.12.1982. - 05.01.1983.

    Miroslav Šutej, Mladenka iz Markuševca

    Miroslav Šutej, Mladenka iz Markuševca