06.07.2006. - 30.07.2006.

Danijel Šokec

Danijel Šokec exhibited around forty ink drawings on paper in which he used the “shaky”and “nervous” manner of an expressionist drawing to present different themes: from classically erotic
(female act, love couple), to allegorical, undefined and barely recognizable scenes, and scenes whosetitles give them comic, everyday or banal meanings. In that sense, these drawings can be seen as acycle which on the one hand reminds us of a traditional drawing “hand exercise”, and on the otherhand of a journal, a series of artefacts which are somewhere in between easel painting/drawing anda sketchbook. The accentuated contrasts of black and white also evoke comic book aesthetics, whichgives these drawing additional narrative meanings.

Danijel Šokec (1967) graduated from the High School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and fromZagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. He has been exhibiting since 1984 and took part in 20 solo andseveral group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. 

The exhibition is a part of a program of developing local art culture.