13.09.2007. - 13.09.2007.

Notification 3

After the summer break we are delaying the beginning of the exhibition program because we are setting up a new light infrastructure in the gallery. After 27 years with old halogen light we are setting up a new and professional ERCO light infrastructure.

Regarding a quality of a new light infrastructure we are hoping it's going to last another twenty years. At least ;)

The exhibition program which will be held till the end of the year consists of...

Gordana Pogledić Jančetić, Digital Collage , 27.09. - 21.10.2007.
Kristina Lenard, Photosynthesis , 31.10. - 18.11.2007.
Ana Hušman, According to etiquette , 28.11. - 23.12.2007.

Greetings and see you in gallery!