17.12.2005. - 30.12.2005.

Zlatan Dumanić, "Radical desublimation"

Zlatan Dumanić (1951) is an artist from Split and this year’s Croatian representative at the 51stVenetian Biennale. Although he is mostly known for his neo-avantgarde works, performances, actions,installations, movies and poetry, Dumanić has for the last few years worked in easel painting so itcan be said that the exhibition in Velika Gorica is a premiere in painting. In his paintings Dumanićis occupied with his existence which through erotic and general love themes and motives, insteadof more wholesome, serious representations, takes on everyday, normal, in fact journalary or comic shapes.

Zlatan Dumanić is a former ship captain for ships of 3000 GT and more with highest maritimequalifications. He has been exhibiting since 1969. He participated in a large number of groupexhibitions, held numerous multimedia actions, performances and programs and published a largenumber of books, collections of poems and librettos.