11.03.2012. - 01.04.2012.

Textil{e}tronics - Yarn bombing in Velika Gorica

In line with our announcement of several knit graffiti, guerilla knitting and yarn bombing events in the public spaces of Velika Gorica, as part of the Textil{e}tronics exhibition, we are proud to say that the first knit-crochet tagging took place in the afternoon of Mach 11. The participants of the first yarn attack on Velika Gorica were: Ana Dadić a.k.a. štrikAna, Vana Gaćina, Ivana Ivković, Maja Kalogera and Marijana Rimanić.

Guerilla knitting, yarn bombing, and knit graffiti directions of knitting and crocheting were started by American textile artist Magda Sayeg because of her frustration with the huge amount of her unfinished knitting projects. Guerilla knitting is inspired by graffiti culture, hip hop and street art, as well as the desire to soften the vocabulary of the aforementioned urban cultures. In 2005 Magda Sayeg knitted around her first public-space object in front of her boutique, instigating the founding of Knitta Please group. Since then she has been travelling regularly, taking up invitations from various cultural institutions and tagging the architecture in capitals worldwide. As for the movement of guerilla knitting & yarn bombing, it has been spreading to the public spaces of the world through the contributions of countless anonymous guerrilla knitters.

Guerrilla knitters: Una Bauer, Ana Dadić a.k.a. štrikAna, Vana
Gaćina, Ivana Ivković, Antonija Letinić, Maja Kalogera, Marijana
Rimanić, Maša Žarnić

Funds for the 2012 exhibition programme were provided by the City of Velika Gorica, Zagreb county and The  Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia.