12.11.2003. - 29.11.2003.

Sonja Briski Uzelac, "Window, view"

The exhibition of Sonja Briski Uzelac is, in a way, a hybrid exhibition: it is an exhibition of paintings and an
ambient exhibition, a site-specific intervention. If seen as an exhibition of paintings, then we must say that the exhibition shows 30 paintings from the series “Squares” and “Rectangles”, the painting “Viator’s Perspective” and two small paintings that remind us of Malevich’s squares. If we view it as an ambient exhibition adapted to the specific character of the gallery space, then we must conclude that the exhibition shows 30 square and rectangular blue monochrome paintings in space so that their setup suggests perspective foreshortening, known from the tradition of Renaissance art.

In that sense, “Viator’s Perspective” as a painting is a clear reference to the Renaissance mathematical construction of space on a two-dimensional surface, and the two small paintings, the blue and black square, are references to the opposite of this tradition of Western painting: to the concept of non- objective art of Kazimir Malevich. Sonja Briski Uzelac, the “educated painter”, as Miško Šuvaković calls her, is a professor and theoretician of art, and a painter who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1976.

She received her PhD in 1984 at the University of Belgrade. She lectured at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and is currently lecturing at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb and at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. She received an award at the 26th Youth Salon in Zagreb in 2001 for her contribution in theory.