27.11.2002. - 30.12.2002.

Roberta Vilić

The painting of Roberta Vilić at the beginning of the 90s appeared at the end of the first wave of reception of European artistic tendencies, which was especially in the painting of the 80s marked by the return to the gestural, neo-expressionistic painting. In that context, to position oneself in relation to the tradition of informel, as the author has done, entailed several things: to reaffirm painting as a representative area of artistic work, to determine it as a non-mimetic activity and (auto)poetically interpret it as an expression of inner necessity. These originally modernistic settings are softened by introducing signs from other, non-painterly sign systems (numerical, alphabetic symbols, lexical and syntactic elements of the Croatian language) and on that level we can read certain changes in relation to the historic abstract expressionism. In that sense, the painting of Roberta Vilić as a painterly as well as a cultural sign system, can denote a specific history of modern and postmodern art in Croatia, since she quotes, reinterprets, makes intimate, softens the representative, heroic tradition of abstract expressionism, i.e. informel. (K. Štefančić)

Roberta Vilić graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1998. She exhibited in solo and group exhibitions from 1992 in Croatia and abroad. She received the Award of the Italian cultural centre at the 28th Zagreb Salon and the 2nd award at the festival Art in Mainz.