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In his book Century, Alain Badiou describes the 20th century as the century determined by politics and art. On the one hand, revolutionary politics, resolved to end all the contradictions of modernity, and, on the other hand, uncompromising art, resolved to equally participate with other social practices in creating the future. What marks the 20th century, claims Badiou, is the moment in which the artistic and political project meet and intersect; at one point it seems that art has more political value and impact than politics, and that politics had more beauty than art...

Therefore, the whole 20th century in art is a criticism of representation. In that criticism, the visual arts have advanced the most. The avant-garde was new, it expressed the present and announced the future; all the rest was old, classical, conservative and represented the past. That constant confrontation of “old” and “new”, Badiou claims, resulted with an unsolved tension, some form of non-dialectic disjunction, without synthesis. It resulted with a promise of solving the tension, but not so much an attempt to implement it.

Following Badiou’s thesis that the 21st century deserves some form of conjunction, some form of resolving the constant tension, some and-and¸ not or-or, we announced an international call for proposals, hoping that, among other things, artistic production is able to point to the ways of resolving that tension.

With the exception of the traditional Radoslav Putar Award's Finalists exhibition, we have, according to the received proposals, formed five group exhibitions. The programme for 2010 is as follows:

I Avoid Places Where I'm Expected, Feb 17 – Mar 14, 2010

Ana Belošević
Sebastijan Dračić
Hana Miletić
Danica Mračević Jurišić
Zlatan Vehabovic

Beyond Action and Image, Mar 31 – Apr 25, 2010

Tihomir Matijević
Iva Supić
Sofija Popović
Livio Rajh
Sandra Sterle

Recycle The Future! , May 5 – May 30, 2010

Aleksandrija Ajduković
Tonka Maleković
Paul Matosic
Tanja Perišić

Radoslav Putar Award – Finalists exhibition, Jun 2 – Jul 2, 2010

White, Yellow, Blue and Black, a Coincidence and 1 object, Sep 15 – Oct 19, 2010
(Curators: Birgit Rinagl and Franz Thalmair)

Ray Barone
Charles Borskoski
Reynold Drouhin
Michael Kargl a.k.a. Carlos Katastrofsky
Jan Robert Leegte
UBERMORGEN.COM (Hans Bernhard & Lizvlx)

“The More I Look, the More I See”, Nov 10 - Dec 10, 2010

Giuseppe di Bella
Les Liens Invisibles
Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei & Jonas Staal
David Smithson
Tea Tupajić