28.02.2006. - 19.03.2006.

Mario Mišković, "Still Life"

Mario Mišković (1977) is also a member of the young generation of modern artists who has turnedfrom the (post)modernistic Croatian modern art – which was preoccupied with art form as the first andlast question of every artistic practice – by concentrating on the world of personal and social everydaylife, especially in the world of popular culture. His exhibit in the Galženica Gallery is pronouncedlyambient in which a series of photographs, differently presented in space, form a narrative structure, aspatial story which on the edges of completely private signs and meanings refers even to the modernpost-socialist Croatian society.

Mario Mišković graduated from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts where alongside the Department of Painting he attended the Department of Multimedia. Since 1998 he has been exhibiting in Croatia andabroad.