18.05.2009. - 22.05.2009.

Interzone : Networked

As four nomadic performance makers working in international collaboration projects, the Internet is our only steady point of reference, our common home and regular working place. Drawing from our own experiences we intend to reflect upon it’s relevance in changing society and position ourselves within it as artists. [1]

On 18th of May four performers enter the gallery space with their suitcases, their mobile phones and their computers. On 18th of May four performers have four things they need to work: a good wireless connection, food, shelter and a sleeping bag. In these four days three offline and one online performer will live in gallery Galzenica in the attempt to recover the show they did in Germany and that has been deleted somehow from their memories and their memory sticks. They’ll invite their Skype friends all around the world to help them. During their stay they will communicate to each other only trough Skype, e-mails and chats. During their stay they will try to entertain you while desperately searching for their lost data and identities. [2]

Still Life is a performance-installation, which reflects upon our everyday work practice as globally connected artists. Critically dealing with the current discourse about migration and identity in the age of the web 2.0 society the performance project focuses on two elements: self production and presentation and the apparent loss of cultural identity in exchange for a global constructed one.

Still Life is the result of 730 hours online conference calls, 120 hours of one-to-one skype meetings, 323.560 lines of internet chat, 234 concept development e-mails, two social platform accounts, one blogger account, one online video account, 156 text messages and 576 hours spent in a re(hears)al space.

Still Life is a part of Pandora Pop Sorry! ( stereo unplugged) project.

Still Life will be presented at Gallery Galzenica on 20 and 21 May 2009 at 8 p.m..

Concept, performance & Instalation: Pandora Pop (Hertling, Trabert, Wirthmüller, Zanki)
Music: Aaron Austin - Glen, Damir Šimunović, Petra Zanki Dramaturgy: Roland Rödermund Media Design & Documentation: Mirco Winde Web Video & Installation: Stjepan Grbić a.k.a Rodion, Anna Hertling, Britta Wirthmüller Production: Plateaux Festival Mousonturm Frankfurt, Banana Gerila Productions Zagreb.
Publicity Photography: Damir Žižić, Rodion

With kind support by: Goethe Institut Kroatien, Transwarp foundation - EKS - scena, Zagreb; European Cultural Foundation - Step Beyond, City Council Zagreb, Studentenwerk Braunschweig, Gallery Galzenica, Banana Gerila.

Thanks to: Ružica Kovačević, Florian Malzacher, Juliane Stegner, Klaudio Štefančić,Jasna Žmak, ekscena crew, Palace Hotel Zagreb, Damir Žižić, Rodion and all our friends.


[1] http://www.pandora-pop.de
[2] http://www.myspace.com/stereounplugged