05.10.2012. - 02.11.2012.

Images of the Square

The call for preliminary design proposals for the mobiliary and signalization of  the Stjepan Radić Square is now closed!

The selection committee (Ana Dana Beroš, Ana Boljar, Ivan Klisurić, Ana Kovačić and Marija Matković) has awarded the first prize to the project “The Line” by Hana Svatoš-Ražnjević and Ivana Banfić. The winning proposal will be awarded a symbolic prize of 1 000 HRK and will be presented, along with other selected proposals, at the exhibition “Images of the Square,” which opens October 5 at Galženica Gallery.

Authors whose proposals are going to be presented on the exhibition: Hana Svatoš - Ražnjević i Ivana Banfić (The Line i Forward), Slobodan Arsenović, Dejan Mitov, Jelena Čobanović i Krsto Radovanović - ModelArt studio (Grad kao muzej), Luis Cano Gonzálvez, Jelena Smoljo i Mariana Bucat (Occupy VG), Dragan Marković, Danilo Beronja i Lazar Belić (Krugovi života), Aleksandar Pavlović (Sudar) i Petra Jelaska.

In addition to these design proposals, the exhibition will feature the products of the shooting workshop ˝Laboratory Square˝ led by Mario Topić.

The urban features of the City of Velika Gorica constitute an interesting phenomenon: the construction of the city and its development throughout history have been determined by two airport runways (Pleso Airport to the west, a former military runway to the east) and the Zagreb-Sisak motorway, which today runs through the city’s very center. Despite these limitations, the population has grown over the years (according to the 2001 census, the urban area has nearly 65 000 inhabitants) and the city soon became one of the top ten largest cities in the state.

The city is predominantly residential in character, and the center as a place of socialization and communication forms only a short strip along the busy Sisak-Zagreb route, along which the Turopolje Museum, shops, cafés and the Open University of Velika Gorica are situated. Two larger public areas form the Park of Dr. Franjo Tuđman, situated behind the Open University, which has been recently renovated and thereby revived that part of the city, and the Stjepan Radić Square, situated along the other, southern, route that cuts through the city, and where the Cultural Center Galženica is situated (as part of the Open University). On the level of form and content, the Stjepan Radić Square qualifies as a square – it is an open space surrounded by cultural institutions, shops, banks, restaurants and residential buildings, and including a monument, a fountain and trees. Residents mostly keep to the peripheral parts of the square, and even though they use it (children for playing, families for strolling, etc.), we believe that by rethinking the square’s mobiliary, an even better space for diverse social gatherings could be realized.

The main objective of the project “Images of the Square” would be to redefine the social and economic functions of the square, to activate various checkpoints and create a link between the Cultural Center Galženica, which includes a gallery, a library and a theatre, and the Stjepan Radić Square. The project relies on the idea that public space needs to be socially, culturally and politically produced, and not only physically built. The primary goal of the project is to motivate local residents of all ages to rethink the public space of the square and to emphasize and raise awareness of the existence and program of the Cultural Center Galženica, which many residents are unfamiliar with.

The main task of the call for preliminary design proposals is a rethinking of the space of the Stjepan Radić Square and its mobiliary, and also communicating the cultural content in the square in an innovative way through detecting and devising information points and signalization solutions for the Cultural Center Galženica in public space. We believe it is important that preliminary designs include sustainable design, that is, the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials as much as possible in the intervention proposal.

The already detected functions of the square with no adequate spatial support are:

*The signalization of the Cultural Center Galežnica

*Marketplace – occurring temporarily (self-organized by the sellers) in the square. This shows the need for stands which can be used multifunctionally (not only for market purposes, but also book fairs, antique fairs, etc.)

*Seating in the square – much of the square is a paved, empty space with no seating, shade or the possibility of a prolonged stay. One possible solution is a modular mobiliary which could take on various functions, from seating and socializing to playing board games.

*Notice boards for cultural events (concerts, performances, exhibitions...)

*Greenery that provides shade in the square (the possibility of planting trees in large pots)

*Mobile stage / Construction with a screen for open air cinema, theatrical performances, concerts.


Curators: Mihaela Richter and Ana Kovačić

Supported by: the City of Velika Gorica