17.02.2010. - 14.03.2010.

I Avoid Places Where I’m Expected

Ana Belošević, Sebastijan Dračić, Hana Miletić, Danica Mraković Jurčić and Zlatan Vehabović.

The exhibition “I Avoid Places Where I’m Expected” features young artists whose work refers to the complex and unstable processes of subjectivation. Whether this process is situated in the period of adolescence and maturity, like in Hana Miletić’s work; or we recognize it in the feeling of loneliness, understood as a certain degree of social isolation, which is present in the works of Ana Belošević and Sebeastijan Dračić; or it is associated with love and friendship, as seen in the works of Zlatan Vehabović and Danica Mračević Jurišić – we are likely to understand it as an aspect of life which has little to do with the society that surrounds us. Therefore, as one of the results of subjectivation, we are often inclined to perceive our identity as something belonging only to us and something that isinseparable, something that will, in the constant interaction with others, help us negotiate more easily with others, fight for a meaning, acquire prestige and keep surviving despite everything. These artists, however, suggest that these intimate aspects of our lives are no longer representable through traditional patters of (civil) everyday life: armchairs, libraries, flower pots or pets; in other words, through private oases of peace and stability. In their case, the world is constantly lurking behind every bend, not giving the protagonists the freedom to isolate or relax. (K. Štefančić)

Artists’ talk – which we hereby kindly invite you to attend – will be held at the gallery on the day of the exhibition, February 17, beginning at 4.30 pm. The talk will be recorded and available in audio format at http://galzenica.posterous.com.

Ana Belošević graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2006. She has participated at a dozen solo and group exhibitions. She also works as an illustrator for the publisher Algoritam based in Zagreb. anabel@net.hr

Sebastijan Dračić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2006. He is currently a post-graduate student of painting at the same academy. http://www.sebastijandracic.com/

Hana Miletić was born in Zagreb. She received a degree in Art History in Brussels and also graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Currently she works for a research project Mirage at the same academy. http://www.hanamiletic.com

Danica Mračević Jurišić is a post-graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (Department for Visual Communication Design). In the artistic practice she uses video, photography, performance and dance. Her work has been exhibited in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and the Czech Republic. danmrak@net.hr

Zlatan Vehabović graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2006. He is currently at a post-graduate study of painting at the same academy. He has won several awards for his work and his paintings are part of private collections in Croatia and abroad. http://www.weakersoldier.blogspot.com

Curators: Sanja Horvatinčić, Nina Pisk, Klaudio Štefančić