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... and welcome to the website of Gallery Galženica.

It is conceived as a kind of gallery blog – a nonlinear web-notebook – in which visitors can get information on exhibitions, artists and all past and future events connected to our work.The biggest part of the webpage is aimed towards providing basic information on the Gallery’s everyday work: its location, layout, actual and future events.

Useful information about the Gallery can also be obtained in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Thanks to the more and more democratic culture of the Internet, you can view more photographic material from our exhibitions on the most famous place for on-line photo-management – on Flickr [http://www.flickr.com/], i.e. visit web-pages of related institutions, our associates, sponsors and friends via the bookmark service Del.icio.us [http://del.icio.us/]...

The links to these services are on the lower left side of the screen.The other part of the page relates to the documentation of the work of the Gallery, which can be found in the directory Archive, also on the left side of the screen. On the documentary level of the page, there is the directory Collection, which presents the contents of our art collection, which was mostly shaped in the period from 1980 to 2000. On the legal level, the contents of this page is regulated by the Creative Commons licence, whose full content can be seen if you click on the grey icon (CC, Some Rights Reserved). In short, it means you can use all contents from this web-page if you name their source or author, if you use them in non-commercial uses and if you don’t change, i.e. remix the content.

For now, you can read the site only in Croatian. We hope that next year we will start an English version.If you are using Firefox web-browser, while using older versions, it is possible you might have minor problems in the page layout, and we advise you to upgrade to the latest version, i.e. Firefox Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 9 did not show any problems with reading the page.If you want to receive information regarding exhibitions via e-mail, feel free to inform us by sending us an e-mail to our address which can be found in the Contacts section.

And, last but not least: the page is written in the Java script software implementation of the well-known Wiki paradigm for simple publishing on the internet, and you can find out about that more here [http://www.tiddlywiki.com/].

p.s.Special thanks to Marcell for “designing” the page. Also, thanks to [http://www.razmjenavjestina.org/]: Aka, Dobrica, Aco, Bud, Lesh and others for suggestions, criticisms and praises.

Klaudio Štefančić

Head of the Galženica Gallery