27.09.2007. - 21.10.2007.

Gordana Pogledić Jančetić, "Digital Collage"

Gordana Pogledić Jančetić, 1977, graduated from the Zagreb Fine Arts Academy in Applied graphics and design in 2001. Her artworks include photography, painting, animated film and graphic design works. She won the third prize for the photography at the first Slovenian Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Festival.

At the Galženica Gallery we are about to see her female nude photographies. The artist used various software tools to modify the visual structure of the represented object. Consequently, the result is different from what we are used to see in the traditional nude photography. The traditional nude, even when used as a radical artistic experiment, reveals the traces of the object's materialism. However, Gordana Pogledić Jančetić's digital nudes are images of different data, rather than recognizable transfiguration of the human body. They have full autonomy and their relation to the art tradition is still undefined.