02.02.2005. - 20.02.2005.

Gordana Bakić, "Transmission of a Significant Signal"

In the Galženica Gallery Gordana Bakić (1972) exhibited a drawing/ambient installation which is asort of “work in progress”. The installation consists of a series of big drawings which have been assembled together for thepurpose of this exhibition. It consists of hand drawn drawings, photocopied graphic materials whichoriginated from often forgotten textbooks and handbooks, spatial and three dimensional objects,uneven paper cut outs etc. As in traditional, easel-made paintings, which Gordana Bakić has beenmaking for the last few years, this work also represents forgotten ways of representation: taking iconictemplates from textbooks and illustrated books, which are a part of pre-mass digital media culture,before the so called “pictorial turn”, she lays bare the picture representation and thus makes us awareof “media archaeology “or better yet of different and fast changing models of visual representation.

Gordana Bakić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1996. She has been exhibitingher works since 1993. Gordana won several awards, among them the Zagrebačka banka Award in2001 and the award for the best young artist by the Croatian Association of Artists in 2003.