26.03.2003. - 12.04.2003.

Daniel Kovač

Referring to the film “Logan’s Vehicles”, Kovač attributed meaning to his sculptures which transcends the narrow modernistic problems of the medium of sculpture and enters the field of popular culture. From this perspective, his sculptures, i.e. ungainly vehicles for escape – as the author calls the exhibited sculptures in the preface of the catalog – can be viewed as a kind of ironic comment on the social transition which Croatia is experiencing, in which the knowledge of different and more successful societies generated a specific form of real or mental immigrant workers. The exhibited sculptures, despite their raw, temporary treatment, also point to Kovač’s favored field of automobile design, which he calls the sculpture of the highest order.

Daniel Kovač was born in 1966 in Subotica. He works as an assistant at the department of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He has exhibited his works since 1991. He won the award at the 5th triennial of Croatian sculpture in 1994 and the Croatian Association of Artists’ Award in 1997.