22.10.2004. - 07.11.2004.

Branko Lepen, "Roofs"

Branko Lepen (1957) became present at the art scene in the late 70s and early 80s, but unlike the
transavantgarde tradition, which worked in both artistic and non-artistic fields (Irwin, NSK, NEP), Lepen turned to the complex and unsteady phenomenon of postmodern sculpture. Expounding its modernist syntax, he always establishes temporary units, sculptural texts, affirming their dependence on the dominant social and cultural forms.

The three nearly identical, gigantic sculptures displayed in Galženica expands Lepen's field of work to the
ambient aspect of sculpture. 

Branko Lepen graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb in 1983. His sculptures can be found
in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
in Rijeka, Glyptotheque in Zagreb and Modriaanhuis Collestion in Amersort (the Netherlands). He has been
exhibiting since 1981 and has received several prizes for his work, including those at the 18th and 19th Youth Salons (1986, 1987) and at the 6th Triennal of Croatian Sculpture. Three of his sculptures are displayed publicly: at the sports center Mladost, Glyptotheque in Zagreb and Civil Engineering high school in Čakovec.