31.03.2010. - 25.04.2010.

Beyond Image and Action

Tihomir Matijević, Sofija Popović, Livio Rajh, Sandra Sterle, Iva Supić Janković

There are two dominant ideas which bring together the works presented at the group exhibition Beyond Image and Action. One of them can be read through the stress on the institutional critique which resonates as a distant echo of the destructive avant-garde rebellion of the 20th century. It seems that the presence of the immeasurable burden of the 20th century, under which, as Badiou claims, every aspect of our contemporariness is being bent, is responsible for the fact that the works still appeal to the spirit of Duchamp, either through directly referring to the “Nude Descending a Staircase” in Sandra Sterle’s performance, or through the Dadaistic sarcasm of Sofija Popović or, from a broader point of view, through the omnipresent hovering question of the sustainability and the meaning of the art practice itself, which is most directly addressed in the performance of Iva Supić Janković. This first idea is connected with the thesis that the heritage of both avant-garde and neo-avant-garde prevailed as the only distinguished rebel which still fights the absurdity of anti-art within something which continues to carry the title of art gallery.

The other idea is connected with the fact that Livio Rajh’s “ready re-made” and Tihomir Matijević’s public sculpture, despite their avant-garde rhetoric, have not grown out of the same protest-like context of the 20th century. Namely, the artists presented at this exhibition do not take a destructive and nihilistic stance towards their institutional opposition – they embrace it as an objective context of one’s activity within which criticality and rebellion, as in the representational democracy of the West, have become a legitimate artistic expression. Such concurrent managing in the field of until recently opposing self-referential art on the one hand and socially engaged art practice on the other, can indicate the possibility of a new modus operandi which offers the reconciliation of tensions and an eventual synthesis. An interesting analogy can be found in the logics of the alien and intuitively incomprehensible logic of quantum mechanics: “I will go this way or that way” is replaced with “I can go both this and that way at the same time”, as one electron does when simultaneously passing through numerous gaps, thus existing at multiple places at the same time. (S.Horvatinčić)

Artists’ talk – which we hereby kindly invite you to attend – will be held at the gallery on the day of the exhibition, March 31, starting at 5 pm. The talk will be recorded and shorlty available in audio form at http://galzenica.posterous.com.

Tihomir Matijević was born in Našice. In 2000 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb from the department of sculpture. As a part of the student exchange programme, he attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He also participated in the Summer School of Sculpture in Brač. He exhibited in Zagreb and Osijek and participated in a number of group exhibitions (Budapest, Indiana, Vukovar, Osijek, Vinkovci). He lives and works in Osijek as an assistant at the Art Academy.

Sofija Popović was born in Belgrade. She graduated from the department of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2005, and at the same year enrolled into postgraduate studies at the same Academy. She won the award for personal creative innovation from the fund "Miloš Bajić, painter and professor" in 2004. She exhibited in several solo and numerous group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.
http://www.myartspace.com/artistInfo.do?populatinglist=home&subscriberid=y3s9ltc489rwto11, http://www.wooloo.org/sofija

Livio Rajh was born in Zagreb. He graduated at the department for animated film and new media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2009. He won the Rector’s Award of the University of Zagreb in 2008 and the ESSL award for young artists in 2009. He participated in a number of student competitions, projects, workshops and exhibitions.

Sandra Sterle was born in Zadar. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1989 and continued her education at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. She lived and worked in Holland, the USA and Croatia. She has been participating in international exhibitions, residencies and festivals since 1995. At the moment, she is living and working in Split, where she is a lecturer of New Media at the Art Academy of the University of Split.

Iva Supić Janković was born in Zagreb. She graduated in visual arts at the Gerit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2007. She participated in solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (Holland, China, the Czech Republic, South Korea). She lives and works in Belgrade.

Curators: Sanja Horvatinčić, Nina Pisk, Klaudio Štefančić