27.06.2003. - 19.07.2003.

Andrea Robić, "Ah!"

Andrea Robić, a young painter from Velika Gorica, presented herself with paintings whose field of painting
spreads from individual canvasses to the walls of the gallery. By painting the gallery walls, she followed the
painterly structure of the exhibited canvass and by doing so, realized a personal site specific work. Or as Vladimir Gudac points out in the introduction of the catalog: “In this case, the artist spreads out the sign of the “rigid gesture” using her color fields of soft dreams. This sign wants to, and does, escape the field of the canvass and point to the wideness of the imaginative fields of dreams and, so to say, suggest the fact of the unspeakable via a strong, hard color core and painful disruption of the wide line (or multiple lines) which would like to escape to the space beyond the painting and beyond painting, and especially to escape towards us, the audience-spectacors.”

Andrea Robić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1998 and this is her fourth solo exhibition.