15.03.2013. - 12.04.2013.

aBook [artist's book]

Artists: Zvonimir Balog, Vlasta Delimar, Braco Dimitrijević, Fokus Grupa, Gorgona, Vladimir Gudac,Tina Gverović, Sanja Iveković, Luka Kedžo, Neva Kiš, Darko Kolibaš, Antun B. Kolumbić,Katalin Ladik, Branko Maleš, Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos, Sanja Marčetić, Vlado Martek,Dalibor Martinis, Slavko Matković, Dražen Mazur, Ivan Jelinčić Merlin, Miron Milić, BojanMucko, Martin Peranović, Jelena Perišić, Ivana Pipal, Barbara Radelja, Sven Razum,Mladen Stilinović, Josip Stošić, Tea Stražičić, Jaroslav Supek, Balint Szombathy, MarkoTadić, Stipan Tadić, Miroljub Todorović, Goran Trbuljak, Mario Udženija, Milko Valent,Borben Vladović i Franci Zagoričnik.

Curators: participants of the Curator's Platform, mentored by Ana Kovačić, assisted by Mateja Kuka.

Participants of this year's Curator's platform conducted a research of a very interesting andactual field . They were divided into six different groups which were dealing with: definitionof artist's book, historical development, visual poetry, contemporary artist's book anddesigner - curator based collaboration. Through numerous examples the exhibition will show the results of their research.
There are many different definitions of what an artist's book is and many different ways inwhich it can take form. What makes the artist's book a specific medium when comparedto other forms of artistic expression is the fact that one can hold it, read it, touch it andconsequently the artist can achieve an intimate relationship with the audience. The artistsperceive it as a space they can fill and in doing so, transfer their ideas, attitudes, intimatereflections or speak out loud about topics they are interested in.

Artist's book is a medium that emerged as part of the avangarde movements at thebeginning of the 20th century, and the conceptual art of the 1960s. Allthough under thisumbrella term we include also poetry (J. P. Kamov, 1907) and concrete poetry books(Josip Stošić, Đerdan), the real flourishing of the medium happened with the emergence ofGorgona group and conceptual artists. (Stilinović, Trbuljak, Iveković and others)
Part of the exhibition is dedicated to visual poetry which was an important aspect of theneoavangarde movements in former Yugoslavia, in the 1960s and the 1970s. Visual poetryis an intermedial art form between poetry and visual arts. The understanding of language asa material is what brings them together. Along with visual poetry books we will also exhibitdocumentation of the artwork (visual poetry magazines, exhibition catalogs, essays). Contemporary artist's books also make an important part of this exhibition. Young artistsuse this medium to react to social and political issues, or reflect their intimate world. Theirartist's books often arise within a wider research, creative process or development of a laterwork, allthough for some they can be the ultimate goal. Often the strict line that seperatesthe designer's and the artist's imput is crossed, which can bee seen in the works of UMASDesign and Visual Communication students. The group that explored the collaboration betwen the artist, the curator and the designerused themselves as a living example. They made their own artist's book which they willrepresent on a daily basis. Short presentational forms that document the life of their bookwill also be exposed as part of the exhibition.

*The Curator's Platform is a programme dedicated to additional theoretical and practialeducation in the field of contemporary art. This year's programme comprises three differentmoduls: Artist's Book as the Field of Experiment, Fragmented Insight Into the Historyof Exhibitory Practices and Curating Arrangements From the 19th Century Untill Today,Curating on the Network and a field trip to Belgrade. A special place in the programme wasreserved for curating a real exhibiton as part of the Artist's Book as the Field of Experimentmodul. This gave the participants the opportunity to learn different methodical, tehnical andtheoretical tools regarding the conception and realisation of contemporary art exhibitions.