• 15.09.2017. - 07.10.2017.

    Temporary Encounters

    Jasmina Cibic, Igor Eskinja, Petra Feriancova, Tina Gverović & Siniša Ilić, Vlatka Horvat, Marko Lulic, Damir Očko , Mladen Stropnik, Marko Tadic , Dino Zrnec & Nick Oberthaler

    Curator: Branka Benčić

    In the period between 2014 and 2017, Apoteka - Space for Contemporary Art from Vodanjan conceived a programme around the research of “temporary encounters”. During that period, over ten exhibitions of various formats and dynamics were held. The exhibitions explored the exhibition format and the conditions and possibilities of exhibition practices. Due to the inaccessibility of a larger space for organizing more complex exhibition formats, “Temporary Encounters” were held as an “exhibition throughout time”. Thus, it comes across as a loosely connected unit and form of an intervention, an exhibition which is not understood as a “fixed and complete constellation”, but rather as something that gradually changes over several months, chapter by chapter, during which every stage can be seen individually or as part of a continuity. “Temporary Encounters” deal with the exhibition model and format as means of exhibiting, grammar and the typology of the “solo” and “group” exhibition. Later on, it acquired an additional concept called “This is (not) a museum”. Through it, Apoteka, standing in opposition to the existing institutions, tries to articulate the local context in which it operates, its own position, and its organisational strategy in Istria.

    The exhibition Temporary Encounters is focused on examining spatial relations and interactions between objects and subjects, conceptualizing procedures, treatments and relations within artworks, the art system and gallery space. It does so by enveloping the artistic positions which deal with the issue of (re)presentation and ‘exhibiting’ practices. The works reveal the tension between space, the observer and the observed. We encounter them as a series of interrelations and fissures which are entangled in a temporary environment. The unseen and hidden are made visible, construction and deconstruction are revealed; we are reminded of the temporary and constructed character of the exhibition. In different ways, Temporary Encounters conceptualize the relations between an art space, an artwork, the art system and the institutional context.


  • 05.10.2012. - 02.11.2012.

    Images of the Square

    The call for preliminary design proposals for the mobiliary and signalization of  the Stjepan Radić Square is now closed!

    The selection committee (Ana Dana Beroš, Ana Boljar, Ivan Klisurić, Ana Kovačić and Marija Matković) has awarded the first prize to the project “The Line” by Hana Svatoš-Ražnjević and Ivana Banfić. The winning proposal will be awarded a symbolic prize of 1 000 HRK and will be presented, along with other selected proposals, at the exhibition “Images of the Square,” which opens October 5 at Galženica Gallery.

    Authors whose proposals are going to be presented on the exhibition: Hana Svatoš - Ražnjević i Ivana Banfić (The Line i Forward), Slobodan Arsenović, Dejan Mitov, Jelena Čobanović i Krsto Radovanović - ModelArt studio (Grad kao muzej), Luis Cano Gonzálvez, Jelena Smoljo i Mariana Bucat (Occupy VG), Dragan Marković, Danilo Beronja i Lazar Belić (Krugovi života), Aleksandar Pavlović (Sudar) i Petra Jelaska.

    In addition to these design proposals, the exhibition will feature the products of the shooting workshop ˝Laboratory Square˝ led by Mario Topić.