• 14.06.2019. - 13.07.2019.

    Paradigms of Animation

    Draško Ivezić, Chintis Lundgren, Martina Meštrović, Jelena Oroz, Veljko Popović, Tanja Vujasinović

    Special guests: Vasko Lipovac i Marija Ujević Galetović

    Special projection of "Loving Vincent" by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman

    Curator: Marta Kiš in collaboration with Iva Gašparović and Tanja Masnec Šoškić

    Despite the claims of some theorists that animated films can be logically classified as fine art,[1] that connection is often absent from curating and gallery practice. As early as 2008, Hrvoje Turković asserted that, despite the quality of production, theoretical and critical works on animation were extremely rare. Lead by our own interest, the remarkable complexity of contemporary animation techniques and the obligation that we have as art historians, especially in the context of Croatian history of animation, we need to change this fact. The exhibited works are selected from the films produced in the last two years and point to the driving paragons, inspirations or examples which precede their creation: the connection between the world of animation and that of fine art as they are clearly inspired by works of other artists that define the film's stylistic development (Cyclists), documentary approach and depending on artworks to develop one's own director's story (A cat is always female) and independent stylistic direction that we can follow based on the development of pre-production phases. In addition to domestic films, there is one emblematic example of foreign production from 2017, but we will have to wait for the development and funding of arts and cultural programmes within which we operate in order to view its original content.


  • 02.03.2018. - 07.04.2018.

    Marija Ančić. Morbid Frames

    Marija Ančić is a former finalist of the Radoslav Putar Award and an artist whose work takes place at the intersection of traditional art disciplines (drawing, animation) and culture of social networks (GIF, blog, etc.). Ančić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Split at the departments of restoration in 2005 and sculpture in 2010. She lives and works in Zagreb as an independent artist.


    When the subject of selfhood is broached from the inevitably uncanny perspective, incessantly engulfing the subject and thus becoming its constitutive part, as Marija Ančić does it, the medium of GIF presents itself as an ideal solution. Figurative animation which implies the stylization of the real world, presupposes a subjectively “skewed” gaze. In addition, the minimal form of narration tying together the story’s beginning and end into an integral whole, thereby renouncing causality, is contingent upon the uncanny content: the inability to distinguish dream from reality, the state of security from the state of danger, and self from the other.

    Ančić’s poetics can be easily classified under the gothic genre which, among other things, possesses a trans-historic quality (it first referred to the Middle Ages, and then to the Victorian era), so it should not come as a surprise that it also found its place in the Digital era. Moreover, not only does the contemporary gothic draw on the themes and motifs that originated primarily from Victorian and Edwardian literature (during the genre’s inception), but it also democratically spreads onto all the other art forms (visual and fine arts, theatre, film, music, comics…) in which it promptly creates new forms (as is the case in postmodernism), namely in the horror genre. 


  • 27.11.2014. - 23.12.2014.

    Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities

    Brian Alfred, Aline Bouvy, Cliff Evans, eteam (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger), Scott Gelber, John Gillis, Jan Nalevka, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

    Curated by Željka Himbele and William Heath

    Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit when seen from Earth. This optical illusion is referred to as Mercury retrograde. In popular astrology, Mercury retrograde marks intense periods when things go awry, signaling the need for reflection and revision of our lives. This is a time for veering away from the past and taking cautious steps forward. Mercury’s cycle has been speculated as the cause of major course corrections for society; it gives us a chance to grow as humans, to raise critical awareness, and possibly make a movement towards radical change.

    The exhibition Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities features an international selection of artists making animated videos that focus on uncertain future. Appropriating popular culture images from television, film, web, newspaper, tabloid, and fashion magazines, the artists manipulate source materials with a variety of aesthetic approaches and montage techniques that offer reflections upon our mass media-saturated cultures. The materiality of animation allows for flattening, collaging, reduction and abstraction of the appropriated material that at once allows the absurdity of contemporary life to stand more singularly and clearly. The works collectively vibrate with an omnipresent feeling of anxiety, a kind of anxious energy that demands we consider the current paths and policies we have allowed to be chosen for us. The animations grapple with complex topics surrounding the culture of spectacle, excesses of consumption, economy and power relations in the era of globalization and interconnectedness, and reveal the artists’ simultaneous fascination with and critique of our culture, society, and politics.


  • 09.10.2014. - 16.11.2014.

    Marko Tadić, A gaze in wonder

    This exhibition of young Croatian artist Marko Tadić is a retrospective of his acclaimed and multiple award-winning animated films. In the specific exhibition set-up that evokes the historical forms of film screening, we will show five films: "The black ouija board" (2008.), "I speak true things" (2010.), "We used to call it: Moon" (2011.), "Borne by the birds" (2013.) and "Until the breath of air" (2014.) which has just been completed and will have a premiere at the festival 25.FPS and in our gallery.

    Marko Tadić (Sisak, 1979) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. He has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Osijek, Dubrovnik, Sisak, Velika Gorica, Zagreb, New York, Berlin, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Kassel, Regensburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Los Angeles, Nottingham etc.. Won many awards: third prize T-HT MSU (Zagreb, 2010),Tthe Radoslav Putar Award (Zagreb, 2008), Award for Drawing at the Youth Salon (Zagreb, 2006) and first prize at the Youth Salon (Sisak, 2001 and 2000). In 2013 he spent on artistic residence in Helsinki. He lives and works in Zagreb.


  • 03.11.2005. - 27.11.2005.

    Mate Lovrić, "Animations, Comic books, Illustrations, Design 1975-2005."

    This exhibition is a retrospective of Mate Lovrić’s 30 years of work in animation, comic books,newspaper and book illustration and shaping. His art was mostly intended for children, from earlyyears to primary school and children in puberty.

    At the exhibition, for the first time the public will see his whole movie opus, from first children’s movies produced by "Zagreb film", to educational movies produced by "Filmoteka 16" and up to the pilotepisodes of the animated movie “The Little Flying Bears” on which Lovrić worked in the early stages.We will also present Lovrić’s illustration work which was intended for both children and adults, from children’s picture books to short stories in Večernji list, as well as the special production of a comicbook which the children can read in the children’s magazine Radost.

    Mate Lovrić (1952) graduated from the High School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo. Since 1972 he has been working for Zagreb film and since 1975 he has been publishing comic books and illustrations for children in children’s magazines. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists since 1995,and since 2002 he is the art editor of the children’s magazine Radost.